Game Fishing in Pattaya has always provided anglers with a challenging experience. Under the banner of the PSC (promoting sport), we run this fishing section for your enjoyment, and because we have a large database and club membership we can arrange for the best deals in this area. Although we refer to it as game fishing, do not get carried away with the thought that we go out hunting for the likes of marlin or sailfish etc. Quite simply we do not conduct this type of fishing. In saying that we have had the odd larger game fish wander into the waters we fish in, but it has been said this is very rare. There are several reputable commercial enterprises to contact for big game fishing which requires heavier fishing gear and faster boats to go to the fishing grounds some many kilometers offshore.

PSC Fishing

What we do provide is a good day out on the sea for both the serious fishermen and women and the less serious fisherperson who just want to experience a day (or night?) at sea (with only fishing on the itinerary). We always make sure there is enough tackle (a small charge is made for Rod and Reel hire and line and tackle replacement) and all bait is provided for each trip, but you are more than welcome to bring your own equipment should you desire to do so.
All the trips are on board a traditional Thai fishing boat (approximately 65 feet long) adapted specially for recreational fishing and providing the customer not only with good fishing, but also a bit of historic Thai culture. The boat has adequate seating and relaxation areas. There are also European toilet facilities on board. The boat is serviced annually and well maintained throughout the year, and fitted with ample life jackets and buoys. Our Captain is an experienced and competent sailor with a good knowledge of the local waters who, not only knows good fishing grounds, he takes good care of his passengers and their needs.
A browse through the photographs will show the size and variety of fish that can be landed in local waters. Worthy sized sharks, skates, rays, cobia, queenfish, jacks, king mackerel and barracuda are caught from time to time but we mainly enjoy catching large quantities of smaller varieties such as pla dang, snapper, grouper, etc. plus many other species. These fish, in the main, range in size from ½ pound to one pound but also includes a species of cod and grouper averaging between 1 and 3 kilos. All are pan-sized (or bigger) and provide a delicious meal.
You are welcome to keep your catch to take home and enjoy if you wish. The captain and boat boy will scale and clean your fish and pack it on ice for a small charge of baht 100 per person. Well worth the money!

Other Info

  • The FULL FEE WILL BE REQUIRED when booking on the regular organized trips or arranging/booking special charter trips, these are non returnable, except when cancelled by the Captain due to bad weather. Please try to give at least 3 days notice when booking.
  • TRIP: We have 4 regular trips each month. They are conducted on the first and third Saturdays and second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.
  • Private Charters can usually be arranged for any day of the week with 3 – 5 days notice.
  • You should arrange for your own food and beverage and transport from Pattaya to Bang Saray and return.
  • To download a booking form CLICK HERE

Contact Information
Colin Cave 081 869 7113, John Haddon 084 539 1134