PSC and the WHS

The PSC uses the World Handicap System “WHS” which was introduced worldwide in 2020 and now used throughout the world.

We have our own dedicated database and programme that calculates an authentic World Handicap for our members. Access to this is available via the Members page on the PSC website and is designed for use both on a PC or smartphone as a WebApp.

Adding scores into the system is easy with an option to enter either Stableford points or Total Strokes (Add Score button). If you make a mistake entering the score, the system allows you 30 minutes to make any corrections. However, if you play for one of the PSC golf societies, usually they will input your scores automatically.

When you go to play, you can look up your appropriate Playing Handicap for any given course (Play Round button). Again if you play for one of the PSC golf societies, they will have your appropriate handicap on their Start Sheet.

Your handicap is re-calculated automatically every time you enter a new score, and you can view your scoring record and your current handicap index at any time (View Scores button).