PSC Championship 2014

The two day 2014 PSC Championship was held on 7 & 10 January at the Khao Kheow
Country Club
with 124 golfers playing in this event. The course was in excellent condition
And a great thanks to the GM Khun Suraphol and his staff for letting us play this course in the peak
of high season at a great price. He also donated 4 Green Fee’s and Goody Bags for our lucky
draw. The dinner and presentations were held at Dicey Reilly’s on Saturday night 17 January
beginning at 6 p.m. Tony Oakes, PSC President opened the presentation and announced all the
winner’s for the event. He introduced Joe Mooneyham, PSC Golf Chairman, who thanked
all the players for playing in this event and also thanks to Tony Oakes, William Macey, Noi
Emmerson, Wendy Chetland for their help at the presentations. He also stated the great
help he received from the from the Pattaya Sports Club Staff and especially Mai.
Now to the results.

Day One Technical Prizes:

Near Pins: Parie McManus; Collin Greig; Paul Smith; Ian Heddle; Andrew Prudie; Sel
Wegner; Tony Robbins; Keith Norman; Tore Eliassen; John Davis; Jasper Rasmussen;
Kaj Aabling; Soren Lindquist; Peter Hammond; Joel Flor; Suzi Lawton; Ning Neal.

Long Drive Hole B9; Max Scott; Steve Poznanski; Tom McMahon; Joel Flor Ning Neal;
Barry Oats.

Day Two Technical Prizes:

Near Pins: Max Scott; Gerd Riedler; Ian Heddle; Paul Greenaway; Keith Norman(2); Byran
Neal; Russel Birtwistle; Eric Black; Eddie Beilby; Tony Chetland; Jack Robertson; Max
Bracegirdle(2); Nolan Wise; Noi Emmerson; Wendy Chetland.

Long Drive Hole A9: Keichi Kasami; Frank Sharratt; Tom McMahon; Willem Lasonder;
Yui Bietry; Barry Oats.

Final Results: Lady Flight: 1st Ning Neal Hcp 11, Net 143; 2nd Heldia Oskarsdottir Hcp 17
Net 157; 3rd Noi Emmerson Hcp 17 Net 157.

D Flight: 1st Ronny Walfridsson Hcp 23, 78 Pts.; George Gamble Hcp 24, 78 Pts losing on
on C/B; Barry Elphick Hcp 22, 77 Pts.

C Flight: 1st Tore Eliassen Hcp 16, 81 Pts.; 2nd Jens Jensson Hcp 18, 79 Pts.; 3rd John
Player Hcp 17, 79 Pts losing on C/B.

B Flight: 1st Tom Thompson Hcp 13, Net 143; 2nd Hannu Kemila Hcp 12, Net 144; 3rd
Tony Oakes Hcp 13, Net 145.

A Flight: 1st Jeff Wylie Hcp 8, Net 142; 2nd Geoff Simpson Hcp 9, Net 147; 3rd Ken
Aihara Hcp 4, Net 147 lossing on C/B.

Now for our 2014 Pattaya Sports Club Champions;
Our STBD CHAMPION was Werner Schwarz Hcp 17, with 86 Stbd Pts.
Our SENIOR CHAMPION was Don Lehmer Hcp 20, with a gross 172.
Our Lady Champion was Yui Bietry Hcp 13, with a gross 161. It should also be noted
That Yui had a 2 (double Eagle) on a par 5 the first day. Well Done!!!

Our MEN”S CHAMPION was Ian Heddle Hcp 3, with a gross 154. This also was a real
Nail biter as both Paul Smith and Ian had the same gross score and both had the same Hcp
and both shot 38 on the last nine holes and played together . So it came down to a countback
to the last 6 holes and Ian won on the count back.

The Next PSC Monthly will be on 28 February at the Navy Course playing the North & West
Nine’s with a two tee start.

Werner Schwarg.  Stableford Champion

Werner Schwarz. Stableford Champion

Don Lehmer.  Senior Champion

Don Lehmer. Senior Champion

Yuri Bietry. Ladies Champion

Yuri Bietry. Ladies Champion

Ian Heddle. Men’s Champion

Ian Heddle. Men’s Champion

All the Champions

All the Champions

Ronnie Walfridson. ‘D’ flight winner – day 1

Tom Thompson. ‘B’ flight winner – Overall

Tore Eliason. ‘C’ flight winner – day 1

Tore Eliason. ‘C’ flight winner – Overall

Jeff Wylie. ‘A’ flight winner – day 1

Jeff Wylie. ‘A’ flight winner – Overall

Ning Neal. Ladies flight – day 1

Ning Neal. Ladies flight winner – Overall

50/50 winner

50/50 winner

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