PSC 130th Monthly Golf Tournament At Mountain Shadow

Friday 20th December Mountain Shadow

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It was a cold, for Thailand, windy morning at this excellent course when Joe Mooneyham and Nigel Cannon arrived early to place the necessary markers on the course and to prepare for the registration of the 112 players signed up to play in this, the final tournament of 2013. Unfortunately, there were 3 no-shows and 1 reported sick so it was 108 players. With the course setting a maximum of 112 and some members being denied a slot it is frustrating when there are no-shows!

The players began to arrive at 8 am for a 2 tee start, with many wearing pullovers and jackets against the cold, however whilst the wind continued at least the temperature rose to our usual comfort zone above 30 degrees.

There was a new low gross winner this month with Russell Goldsworthy (4) coming in with a fine gross of 77.
In ‘A’ Flight– playing stroke play from the blue tees, Kevin Waycott (8) took top spot with a 77 net.

‘B’ Flight also playing from the blue tees but playing stableford, saw Steve Gibson (12) lead the way with 37 points.
37 points again in ‘C’ flight from white tees saw the regular monthly player Dick Warberg (20) take the flight.

‘D’ Flight winner Joel Flor (23) came in with the best stableford of the day of 40 points.

Only a few ladies today with the winner with 31 points was current PSC Ladies Champion Ning Neal (10).
The Senior winner from Silver tees was Barry Oats (22).

It was back to Dicey Riley’s for today’s presentation which had most of today’s players there enjoying the regular buffet with some ‘happy hour’ prices.

After all had their fill and a few ‘cool’ ones it was presentation time. Nigel welcomed all to this the 130th monthly PSC tournament and introduced Golf Chairman Joe Mooneyham

Joe expressed his appreciation to Nigel and William for their help and to today’s competitors pointing out that, as we are now in high season, he was limited to 112 players. Whilst we had a 2 tee start, two Korean groups went out an hour earlier but were soon caught by the first group. Joe then gave details of next month’s Club Championship which will be a 2 day event at Khao Kheow on Tuesday, January 7th and Friday, January 10th with the presentation to be held on Saturday, January 12th at Dicey Riley’s. Sign-up sheets are in the PSC office.

Back to Nigel who announced the winners and Joe to present the prizes, with a big cheer for the ‘Ace’ man Mick Beresford who, instead of ringing the bell, generously made a donation to charity.

Lucky draw followed then the 50/50 lucky draw with Season’s Greetings to all as the new PSC calendars were distributed.

Words: Nigel Cannon
Pictures: William Macey.

Low gross winner – Russell Goldsworthy

‘A’ Flight winner – Kevin Waycott.

‘B’ Flight winner – Steve Gibson.

‘C’ Flight winner – Dick Warberg

Senior winner – Barry Oats

All the winners.
Hole in one – Mick Bweresford.

50/50 winner

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