167th PSC Member’s Tournament Results at Laem Chabang

Monday 10th September Laem Chabang

On this fine morning 128 players (but just 5 ladies) – the largest number for a PSC tournament for some time arrived to be greeted by Golf Chairman Sandy Mackay together with Tim Knight, Nigel Cannon, and Ing – PSC office manager.

With a 2 tee start and a large field some did have long rounds. In addition, there was some confusion over ‘Lift Clean and Place’. The course was in excellent order and the weather was good with only a short shower.

It was Stableford for all off White tees – Senior’s and Ladies – Silver and Red.

Link’s bar hosted the Presentation and donated plenty of excellent food – with many going for second’s! with an efficient and friendly staff.

Sandy then took the Mike and expressed his appreciation to the players for their support and apologized for the confusion over Lift, Clean and Place. He also thanked the Link’s bar donating the superb food enjoyed by all.

Finally, he noted that tournaments need helpers and thanked Gerd, Steve, Tim, Nigel, Ing and the PSC office staff who prepared the necessary documentation.

Nigel then took over the Mike to announce the results but first echoed Sandy’s comments regarding the food and congratulated Sandy for largest PSC tournament for some years.




Low Gross       Paul Smith (4) 36 points.

‘A’ Flight

Per Madsen        (10)   40

Paul Smith          (4)     40

Bob Newell         (10)   38

‘B’ Flight

Michael Ethlert   (13)   42

Soichiro Nakano (16)   39

Maurice Roberts(14)   77

‘C’ Flight

Ken Shikawa       (21)   37

Graham Shand   (19)   35

William Collis      (18)   34

‘D’ Flight

Torben Lindgaad(24)   36

Daniel Oshiro      (25)   36

Serge Staeten     (24)   33

Ladies/Senior Flight

Eng Cotterell (19)                           42

Nongnoch Jantamaneekul  (14)    37

Near Pins

B5 Pete Seil, *Herbert Muller, Toshihiro Aoki, Daniel Oshiro *Ch spel.

B8 Rayald Bourassa, Geoff Parker, Brenden Cope, Temime Thierry

Nongnoch Jantmaneekul.

C5 Per Madsen, *Jim Flossip *Roland Hofil, Eng Cotterell

C8 Les Cobban, Reg Mckay, Stuart Banks, Andes Eldebranot, Eng Cotterell.


Long Drive

Bob Rice, Gareth Gill, Don Smally, Eng Cotterell.


Long Put    Goort Gelten




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