Trotical Bert’s 23/09

Tuesday The 23rd September 2014: We had not been to this Course for a long time, and with the rain of late we were more than a little worried as we know the Course does not seem to drain well. Indeed in the early days one of out players always referred to it as Pleasant Swamp. But it has improved since.

The worry for the day was should I declare ‘Lift, clean and place’, however after the Course starter said we could drive on the fairway, normal rules of golf were employed. So with what seemed like a Course that seemed nearly empty, off we went a little early.

The Course was wet and the ball did pick up mud at times but such is Golf. The Course as said had some very wet areas but all in all it was not too bad. The rough however was soaking wet and if you got in it, getting out could be a problem and I came back with a wrist that was not good.

Still all in all it was not a bad walk around and the only other area of concern was the greens. They tended to be very slow and most of the Golfers struggled on them.

Round over it was into the showers and at this Course they are very good, then into the Restaurant for a bite before we were on the road back.

Back at Bert’s a bit early we could relax before the results were declared.

The winner on the day was John Anderson with a fine 40 point in the heavy going. We then had a countback on 37 points that saw Dick Warberg in second, Steve Hamstad in third and Alan Sullivan in fourth. Then as is usual it was time to talk about how hard the day had been. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Walter Baechli Landis Brooks Derek Brook

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