Tropical Golf Group 13/02

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group
Friday, February 13, Wanjuntr – Highlands, St
Herrington Tames Highlands at Wanjuntr

This Friday was a special one as the Tropical Golf Group met at BJ’s Holiday Lodge for breakfast and plan strategy for the day. Today we took the longer but well worth it trip to Wanjuntr. During the ride out two thoughts were on our minds… What course would we play since there was some confusion on the booking, and why is there an unpronounced “tr” at the end of the name? Upon arrival we were pleasantly surprised to learn we were to play the Highlands course as that is what most of the players were hoping for.
For anyone who has never played this course the advice is simple: Do it. The scenery, wildlife, and head scratching holes make the extra travel time worth it. This is not just another golf course, and first time visitors are often shocked to find their ball in a bunker or even pond in the middle of the green. Talk about careful approach shots! Overall the course condition was good, and a 10 minute light rain didn’t slow down play but kept things cool. It was one of those days some didn’t want to end. The Highlands course is as difficult as it is unique, and there is no trying to predict scores. The ride home went fast because there is always much to discuss abut the course to keep conversation lively.
Back at BJ’s for a well earned feed and drink the the results were announced. Beating the competition by a comfortable margin and the only one to break handicap, Tom Herrington (16) somehow came in with a fine 37 points. Great score on this course Tom. Second place went to Landis Brooks (9) with a fine 33 points off his low handicap. Doug Maiko (14) took third with 31. No aces this time Doug? Mark West (15) finished the prizes with 30 points. Newcomer Paul Weatherly announced is arrival by taking two near pins. Full of smiles Paul rushed home to celebrate. Forget something Paul?
Near Pins: Paul Weatherly (2), Ted Morris, Martin Thomas

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