Tropical Golf 31/1

Tuesday the 31st January 2017: Green Valley ( Stroke) B & C Nines  Every Month as the last game, we have The Monthly Mug Winner and also The Golfer of The Month so it is necessary we have a Stroke Competition. For the organiser this is a very long day and also we usually get a very big turnout. This Month was no different.

Greenwood is always a good Course to play, despite being the Course we play regularly that is the one farthest away. We do play Royal Lakeside and Bangpakong but they are a treat trip away, so off we went up the long windy road. on this day the road was quiet, especially as we went the Mashi way around the back roads

Playing B & C Nines it was a surprise to play B First. But we were away on time and soon playing B1 into a strong wind that was to plague us all day. The Course was in good condition and the greens were fast and true if a bit hairy, however the Course was clear ahead and we were able to move ahead at a good pace. Most people have played this Course and suffice to say it was a pleasure to play, if long and tough.

Both nines were in good condition so it was a pleasure to play and as all good things do, they came to an end. And then it was into the changing rooms and a warm shower.  Then upstairs to the Restaurant where most had a bite to eat before the journey back.

It is a fair drive back but like most trips it soon passed, then back at BJ.s and into the many results.

Into the Monthly Mug where we had a run away winner when Deryl Neufeld came in with a great Net 63 to win by a street. In second was Dick Warberg with a net 70 and in third was Daryl Evans with a net 71. We then had a many person countback on net 72 that saw Don Carmody in fourth, Landis Brooks in fifth, John Davies in sixth and Bob Watson in seventh.

The Low front nine was Gordon Clegg with Net 34 and the Low back nine was Joseph Buschberger with net 33.

The Golfer of the Month was won in a canter by a Golfer who was at the front all month, So The Golfer of the Month was Dave Cooper.

Well done indeed to Dave Cooper as Golfer of the Month and to Deryl Neufeld as Monthly Mug Winner.  T.T..F.N.

Near Pin   Bob Watson   Graham Buckingham   John Davis   Joseph Buschberger

Long Put   Andy Murphy     Don Carmody

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