Tropical Golf 31/03

Tuesday The 31st March 2015: Greenwood( Stableford)

Not a large turnout on the day as a ‘Phoenix Special’ was on with some of our players going down there for a ‘Freebie’. Still we had four groups that met at BJ’s and zoomed up to Greenwood. On this day the roads were nice and clear and we made it in good time. Nice to see that some of the roads are being repaired, it certainly makes the drive more comfortable.


The Course was empty and we were to play the A and C Nines. So off we went with no one around with the Course to ourselves, at least I did not see many others there. Sad as we have a good working relationship with this Course. Off into the wind with as usual on these nines playing the C Nine first.

This  Course is well liked by all our players and with due reason, it plays tough but is rewarding and being well into the countryside always seems to be quiet and peacefull and windy. As said, on this day it was a strong wind at times but the fairways were quite good, the rough was reasonable and the greens were fine if a little slow. All in all a tough walk around, but enjoyable.

In the Restaurant the food was good and well priced and most had a bite to eat before into cars and back to BJ’s. A decent drive back saw us able to get on with the results an hour before normal, and for a Course so far away we have to be most pleased. Big surprise of the day was that only one of the par threes was hit by the players and the only ‘Near Pin’ was on A6 by Alan Sullivan. The scoring was also quite low, so The Winner was Steve Truelove with 36 points. In second was Derek Brook with 35 points ahead of Dave Nicholson with 34 points in third and in fourth was John Davis with 33 points.


This was also the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month day and the winner was Dave Cooper. Well done Dave,  T.T.F.N.

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