Tropical Golf 30/06

Tuesday The 30th June 2015: Plutaluang (Stableford) Normally we do not go to this Golf Course except on a Friday, but this month just for a chance we thought why not a Tuesday?. I think the rationale went something like the fact that going on a Friday was the worst day to get back to BJ’S, traffic wise, but maybe Tuesday was a bit better. And low and behold it was.

The drive down there was not so bad being on a Tuesday and we were soon booked in to play the North and West Nines. It is always a bone of contention which is the better 18 holes but the ‘Big Boys’ always seem to play this 18 holes in the Major Competitions, so who are we to argue.

So away we went and the first thing we noticed was that although it has rained of late and many of the Courses have banned carts from the fairways, there was no such problems here and the carts went where they wanted to. The Course was in good condition and the greens were as you normally expect to see the greens at this Course. One of the noticeable things on the day was that the tees were mostly back making the holes much longer. All in all a fine walk around although with the Course being at it’s longest a decent score could win the day.

Not a bad run back, and we were soon back at BJ’s and into the results. The winner on the day with 33 points was Kurt Ebentheuer ahead of Nigel Perry on countback in second. We then had Mike O’Brien in third with 32 points ahead of a 5 way countback on 31 points that saw Bob Britton in fourth, Maurice Roberts in fifth and Barry Oats and Mike Sanders just missing out. One of the talking points of the day was Mashi Kanata’s near pin. It was smack on line and only a couple of inches short, there is no truth in the Rumour he choked down on his club to save the ball going in. Great shot Mashi as Nigel was only a foot away. . The things Mashi will do not to have to buy the beers.

This being the last Tuesday of the Month it was time for The MBMG Group Golfer of the Month. As usual a lot was on the results on the day and the winner was Nigel Perry thanks to his second place on the day. Well done Nigel.Then it was time for a cold beer. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Jon Deane Barry Elphick Dick Warberg Mashi Kaneta

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