Tropical Golf 30/01

PSC Golf from The Tropical Golf Group
Friday, Jan. 30,
Plutaluang N/W, Stableford

With the venerable “Navy” course on the schedule for the day, a bit of apprehension was in the air as the group gathered at BJ’s for breakfast and transport arrangements. As we never request particular nines at this course there is always the question of whether we will be assigned the more difficult and challenging “North and West” or the relatively more user friendly “South and East” nines. In addition, based on recent reports, there seems to have been a bit of a problem with slow rounds due to the numbers of players on the course, plus the possibility of a lack of qualified caddies. Never mind, into the cars and van and head off down to Sattahip. After all, the weather is great, and it’s a day out in pleasant surroundings.

Arriving at the course, it was obvious that it would probably be a slow round as the parking areas were jam packed and as far as caddies were concerned, well not many in uniform were available at the bag drop. However, check-in was swift and we were soon at, you guessed it, North 1, and the starter actually got us on the course 15 minutes early. The course condition was good on this day with the fairways cut reasonably well and the greens running at a decent speed. The pace of play was not too bad and, in our lead fourball, was probably more hindered by the lack of trained/experienced caddies than any other reason with too much moving around, talking, and just not having an understanding of their job. None the less, we made it around in about 4½ hours, so not all that bad.

Round over, scorecards collected and tallied, it was obvious that the group played the “difficult North and West” pretty well. Back in the transport, all well until we got back in Pattaya proper and then the horrors of the traffic on Sukhumvit due to the latest construction project. Guess it’s on for several years so best to find an alternate route.

Finally back at BJ’s, with a beverage in hand and several enjoying a late lunch or early supper, the results were announced. Congratulations to Ken and Joel for playing to their handicaps in their respective flights and thanks to all the participants. With the split at “17” the results were as follows:

“A” Flight

1st : Ken Hole (17) – 36 pts
2nd : Brian Parish (15) – 35 pts, on c’back over,
3rd : Mashi Kaneta (14) – 35 pts, on c’back over Walter Baechli (15) and Max Scott (4).

“B” Flight

1st : Joel Flor (24) – 36 pts
2nd : Carole Kubicki (22) – 35 pts
3rd : Dick Warberg (19) – 33 pts
Near Pins: Max Scott (2), Colm Mullen, Richard Kubicki

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