Tropical Golf 24/01

Pattavia CC Stableford
Brian Parish Great at Pattavia
On the rotation this Friday for the Tropical Golfers was Pattavia Country Club. A large group of 25 golfers decided it was worth it to take the drive out, and after cups of ambition and victuals at BJ’s Lodge, the cars and van were loaded and off we went.
The drive to Pattavia is slowly getting better. Some more shortcuts and bypasses have been discovered, and when the freeway (or will it be tollway?) is finally done things will be better still. Even with the current drive its worth the trip. Pattavia represents great value and the course is in very good to excellent condition. The back nine especially is scenic and well maintained, and certainly no one complains about the facilities anymore. Check it out. With a full load of golfers it would be difficult to get into the winners circle, but some rose to the occasion.
A-Flight (0-18) Brian Parish (h’cap 13) is on a roll lately and continued this day with the best score of the day with 39 points! Wow… great shooting Brian! In second place was Landis Brooks (9) with a fine 37 points winning on countback over the always steady Takeshi Hakozaki.
B-Flight (19+) Winning the B-flight was the lovely Rita Zoebeli (25) on countback over Dick Warberg (21) each with 34 points. Steady golf! Next came Tom Cotton (22) with a respectable 32 points. Congrats to all.
Near pins: Landis Brooks (2), Carole Kubicki, John Anderson
Long putts: Dick Warberg, Brian Parish

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