Tropical Golf 29/09

Greenwood ( Stableford) What a lovely day I thought as I looked over the balcony early in the morning as even that early in the morning the Sun was shining. Walking to BJ’s I looked forward to a fine day out and the players were having breakfast before we set off. What could spoil such a fine day ?

I went with Mashi and sitting cocooned in the back all was fine, and I watched to see how Mashi was going to get there. He goes ways that we lesser mortals would not find, and on this day he went the ‘Bouncy, Bouncy’ way, that is the road between Route 7 and the 331 towards Pattana. It is in bad shape and even once we got onto the 331 major repairs were taking place. It was not a pleasant journey, surely the return would be better!!.

The condition of the road was a factor in us getting to the start a few minutes late, where we were told we would be playing the C & B Nines in that order. The Course had seen a fair bit of rain of late and expected the Course to a wet and this was confirmed by the fact the carts could not go on the Course. I hate that, you end up walking much more than some walk who do not take a cart. This was a day to employ the slice to keep then ball near the cart path and of Course the hook took over. Gets a bit tiring.

We started in fine if hot and muggy weather and because of the rain of late the Course was wet and there was little run on the ball. Despite all this the Course was not too bad the fairways were a bit damp and there was little run, the greens were not too wet and ran quite fast, but true and the rough was difficult to get out of once you got in. All in all a normal wet day.

However we struggled around and as we got to the last few holes we felt a sprinkling of rain but moving faster over the last few holes we got in before the rain started as did the other groups. Into the changing room and a quick shower then up the steps to the restaurant.

Boy was it raining, the deluge was on, it hammered down and visibility was way down. And it did not stop but just kept on. Finally in the end we got into the cars and went off in the pouring rain. Those who know the journey from the Clubhouse to the gate would not recognise it. The road was flooded and we had to travel on the right hand side to keep moving as the left hand side was flooded very deep. The rest of the drive back was not good, the roads are in bad repair and when flooded the pot holes are not visible. Throw in the spray, cars with no lights, cars going too fast and it was not a good journey, especially for the drivers. They all did well and we arrived back safe and sound to find Pattaya had not had anyway near the rain we had experienced.

Cold and happy to be back we got on with the presentation. not forgetting the day was also The MBMG Group of the Month. There were some good scores but the best on the day was Bob Watson who had 40 points and won on countback from Andre Van Dam in second. The point being that Bob shot a gross 70, great round. In third was Maurice Roberts with 39 points.

Mashi was leading the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month by 5 points and the only way he could lose was if Andre won on the day. Mashi said thanks to Bob for his great round because by beating AVD on countback, The MBMG Group Golfer of the Month was Mashi Kaneta. Well played Mashi. TTFN

Near Pin Bob Watson (2) Maurice Roberts Mikito Homma

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