Tropical Golf 29/07

Dick and Dave Win Month and Mug!

It was another Daily Double for the Tropical Golfers as both the Monthly Mug and Golfer of the Month were up for grabs.  Dick Warberg had a commanding but not insurmountable GOM lead going into the final day, and the Monthly Mug was open to anyone with steely nerves to brave a round of stroke play.  That means count them all folks!  Real golf.  With nineteen golfers up to the challenge, after filling up at BJ’s Holiday Lodge it was off to Greenwood.

Greenwood is about the longest drive on the regular rotation so the question always comes up is it worth it?  The answer is a resounding “Yes”.  The price is reasonable, course condition good to excellent, and the greens true and fair.  No gimmicks here.  If one searched for an issue they have too many creeping weeds that need pulling, but that was about it.  We were blessed with a dry but mostly cloudy day that kept things a little cooler.  Recent rains have left the fairways a bit slow, so we opted for the yellow tees, but lift/clean was not necessary.  Stroke play is interesting, unpredictable, and with so much up for grabs the anticipation was great.

Monthly Mug:  First there is the issue of the Monthly Mug.  Sometimes people just find The Zone, and in this case Dave Nicholson (h’cp 18) was in total command of his nerves and golf swing.  When the math was done Dave had an incredible net 65!  That is no type-o, he played that well and made it look easy.  So Dave hoists his first Monthly Mug and big cheers for him!  Next came newbie Alex Field (21) with a fine net 68, followed by Barry Elphick (29) with net 69, and then John Anderson (30) and Don Carmody each with net 71.

Golfer of the Month: It was time to figure who had the best overall month of golf.  Dick Warberg had a good lead, but a few challengers had a chance to rain on his hopes.  It was not to be, with Dick actually increasing his lead on the final day.  Take no chances, take no prisoners, right Dick?   So Dick Warberg is the July BJ’s Holiday Lodge Golfer of the Month!  Much thanks to Lek and Bill for sponsoring this event each month.

Near pins: Brian Parish (2), Takeshi Hakosaki, John Pierrel

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