Tropical Golf 28/08

Friday, August 28, Pattaya Country Club – Medal
Brian Parish Wins Second Mug!
Its the last Friday of the month and that means the Tropical Golfers gathered to take a shot at winning the coveted Monthly Mug. And what a fine mug it is! As usual the venue was Pattaya Country Club. Arriving at BJ’s Holiday Lodge in a light drizzle there was speculation if the weather would get clear or worse, but we needn’t have worried as it was the perfect day.
Under cloudy but dry skies we teed off on time and let the competition begin. Pattaya CC is in fair condition, and some rain always does it good. They cut the fairway grass too short leaving many bare spots and difficult lies, but the tricky greens were in good condition. A Caddie good at reading greens is a big plus here. Usually comps at PCC result in a bevy of good scores, so what did this day bring?
It was a close finish, but in the end Brian Parish (h’cap 12) won his second monthly mug! To make sure he won any count-backs (which he did) Brian shot a one over par 37 on the back 9, for a net total of 71. Some great golf Brian! Frequent count-back loser Tom Herrington (14) took second place also with net 71, maybe next month Tom. The next two places were also decided on count-back, with Takeshi Hakozaki (12) edging out Landis Brooks (9) both with net 72. Good shooting!
Near pins: Tom Herrington (2), Landis Brooks, Gerd Riedler

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