Tropical Golf 28/07

Tuesday The 28th July 2015: Parichat International Golf Links ( Stableford) Yes you read it correctly, not a name that drips off the tongue in the Pattaya Golfing Community. However with it recently opened we though it only fair that we give it a try and go and spend a day trying out this new Course. It also is really close to Pattaya being very close to Pattaya County Club, so only a short ride.

We had quite a good turnout for this day, but one or two players who had played the Course cried off and that always worries me. However as said it is only a short trip and we were soon there. It is always a bit difficult arriving at a new Course but we eventually got booked in, and bought some water balls as advised by those who did not come, and saw the changing room. Quite tight but we managed to change and get out to the start, which actually is a bit of a drive from the Clubhouse. Then as it was our first time we decided to play off the White tees.

It really is different when you play a new Course. First thing is we saw all the long grass just off the fairway, obviously stood on the tee the winner is going to have to hit it down the middle or he will not only be in big trouble but will lose a lot of balls. I realised that my decision to bring out my ‘Goldie Oldie’ driver could be a day winner. It is not the longest but it usually goes straight.

Right the Course, we all lost lots of balls. With the rough along most of the Course looking like a hazard, and water all over the Course, balls were running out, I was glad I had bought a dozen water balls at the Clubhouse. The fairways were as you would expect on a new Course, not good. I hit a particularly good drive at one hole and was just in front of the water with only 150 yards or so to go. But was in a hole that I could only punch the ball forward. When I played the shot and walked away annoyed, my caddie said she has been there with the other caddies the day before and they had been digging the weeds out. Nuff said.

Given time it will mature, as Pleasant Valley did. But we will watch carefully. I suspect their haul of lost balls is impressive. One thing is when you get on the greens, and some are small and very raised, they seem to have ‘Character’ although on this day they also had sand. May prove a good point.

Actually the showers were very good and we all managed to get through this bottleneck. Then back very early. All in all the players were well beat up. I did not speak to anyone who did not lose balls. some many

We were back early and really the scores were not very good having decided to play off ‘The Mickey Mouse Tees’ as we had no idea of what we were up against. The scores should have been great, a short Course, but they were not. However the MBMG Group Golfer of The Month was on the line and last day scores were important.

In the A Flight 0 to 17, the Winner was Landis Brooks with 37 points ahead of John Pierrel in second with 36 points and Alan Sullivan in third with 29 points.
In the B Flight the winner was Derek Brook with 37 points ahead of Mick Coghlan in second with 35 points and Brad Robins in third with 33 points.

So to the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month, and with his second win of the Month, The Winner was Derek Brook. Well played indeed.

Then a few were had by those with the stamina. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Brian Parish Takeshi Hakozaki Maurice Roberts Derek Brook

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