Tropical Golf 27/12

Tuesday The 27th December 2016: Green Valley ( Stableford) Well it was that day that we all love at BJ’s, except the Organiser, when all comes to a head. We play stroke play and  we have not only ‘The Golfer of the Month’ but also ‘The Monthly Mug’. We also get a bigger turnout, but the advantage of this day was that we played at Green Valley at a reasonable time.

So off we went at a reasonable time and with 7 Groups, happy days as Friday is even fuller and we have to start using the The High Season Start list. It has space for more groups. Stood on the first Tee, with that water hazard in front and a strong wind behind, we all hoped we would not top the ball. Well most did not BUT!!!, No not me, and off we went.

The strong wind continued all the way around and was a contributing item in the final scores of all the players. Other facts were that the Course was not in bad condition, but wear was shown in all areas and the greens were fast and tricky especially in the strong winds. The decision by the Course to change some of the holes in Par and Number is also in the process and seemingly will take place on the 1st January. We shall see, I have seen many of these changes at Green Valley, some good, some not, of course in my opinion.

A pleasant wind blown round, was still soon over, and as we sat in the German Restaurant we saw the scores coming in and they were not overly good, until the last few came in and we saw a couple of good scores.

Back at BJ’s it was soon time to give the results and we had quite a few. The winner of the Monthly Mug was Mick Coghlan with a fine Net 65. In second was Derek Brook with a good Net 69 and we then had a countback on net 71, and only four players beat their handicap, that saw Dick Warberg in third and Nigel Perry in fourth. In fifth was Landis Brooks with a Net 73.

The winner of the best front nine was Brian Gabe and the winner of the back nine was Barry Elphick.

So to The Golfer of the Month and the Winner , as last Month, was Tom Herrington.  Well done Tom. It is Expected ‘The Golfer of the Year’ will be declared on Friday. However now it was time to partake in a few ‘Cold Un’s’’.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins    Landis Brooks   Bryan Lynch  Buckers   Rob Brown

Long Put      Torsten Bischoff   Tom Herrington



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