Tropical Golf 27/10

Tuesday The 27th October 2015: Phoenix ( Stableford) This was to be the last chance to go to Phoenix on a Sports Day when the draw was to be a good Greenfee and a free cart, So why not. So off we went to Phoenix on a day that promised fine weather and a good day out. Mind a late start meant we got the heavy traffic all the way there, and in fact back, But who cares.

When we got there we found the car park pretty full and as our late tee time proved the Course was full. One of the things with a full Course is that the round usually proves a bit slow, and the point of us putting out our one 3 ball first was shown to be a waste of time as we were always close behind, however we really went at the pace of a 4 ball which I suppose cannot be too bad.

It is well known that this is not one of my favourite Courses for many reasons, mainly as history has shown me this Course is not user friendly. However I have to say that on the day they made great efforts to resolve this matter. We were not chased and were mainly let play and it turned into a good day out on the Course. The caddie driving my cart managed to bypass many of the driving problems and usually got me close to the green and one of our players was given a red flag and was able to be driven close to the green. Thanks for this.

The Course was not in bad condition and was enjoyed by all, even if it did prove quite tough to score on. The greens were a little faster than some of the Courses we have played of late and they seemed to run well, even if my ball would not go in the hole. As said a good day out.

I usually collect the cards in The Restaurant and true to form I and Mashi, were the only ones from our group there. Weird as usually all the players go to the Restaurant and the prices were not that bad. Still all in all I had a good day there but I have yet to work out if I like getting changed with three female attendants walking around the changing room.

We were late back, and as it was also MBMG Group Golfer of the Month I had a lot of working out to do as the scores were very tight.

In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Mashi Kaneta with 35 points ahead of John Pierrel in second with 34 points and Maurice Roberts in third with 33 points. In the B Flight we had the best score of the day when Mick Coghlan won with 36 points ahead of Nigel Perry in second with 34 points and Henry Wong in third with 33 points.

So with this result, and working out tight points, the Winner of The MBMG Group Golfer of the Month was Mick Coghlan. Well done Mick. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Landis Brooks John Pierrel Kenny Chung Ray Cody

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