Tropical Golf 27/06

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday June 27, Pattana – St

Brian Parish Wins Again!

Brian Parish (c/h 13), the Tropical Golfer who can make a golf course cry “Uncle” again topped the leader board after the round at Pattana. What can we say? It might generate extra large headlines the next time Brian is not mentioned during the presentation ceremony. Despite some early putting woes Brian still managed to earn 37 points, taking first among twelve golfers this day.  World traveler Andre Van Dyk (17) quickly announced his return by taking second place honors with 35 points. Some might be forgiven for hoping Andre starts another trip soon. Farmer Bob Britton (17) and Landis Brooks (9) completed the curtain calls with 34 points each. Congrats to all.

The Best Nine scores for non-winners with 18 points each, were the always competitive Mashi Kaneta (17), and Gordon Clegg (30) showing the “never give up” attitude has merit and keeps things interesting.

What is there to say about Pattana? Good? How about excellent? A round here is never a bad day, and the facilities are second to none. The design is quite interesting and don’t let the good condition lull you into thinking its easy. Assigned the C then the A links, we teed off on time or a bit early, and play was brisk all the way around. Even the weather cooperated, and we stayed dry even though it was clearly raining nearby. Sometimes things just work out your way. Fairways and greens to all!


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