Tropical Golf 26/05

Tuesday The 26th May: Green Valley (Stableford)

We thought we would go to Green Valley and why not. So after meeting at BJ’s with many having breakfast, it was off to Green Valley. This is not a long drive so we were there in good time to book in and out to the start but not before we spent some time on the practice putting range. It is nice sometimes to have a few moments to breath and smell the roses before we start.

The wind was strong as we stood on the first tee. Still off we went on a Course that seemed to be having a quiet day. Surprising for a sports day.  So off we went into the wind and that was the start of a long day. With a strong wind it seemed to cool the day down but it was still hot and by the end all the players were struggling.

The Course itself was not in bad condition, quite good really but I have seen it better. The greens were also in good but not top condition, so all in all I suppose you could say the Course was fine. Soon finished it was into the changing room, nice shower and out for a bite to eat.

With not as large a group as usual we were soon back at BJ’s and into the results and hour earlier than usual. The winner on the day was John Anderson with 36  points on countback over Mike O’Brien in second. We then had a countback on 34 points that saw  Mark West in third ahead of Bob Britton and John Davis.

This being the last Competition of the month it was also time for The MBMG Group Golfer of the Month and with his win on the day, for his first time The Winner was John Anderson.  Well played John.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin       John Davis  (2)   Mike O’Brien   Bob Britton


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