Tropical Golf 26/01

Tuesday The 26th January 2016: Bangpra ( Stableford) Normally I start these reports about the drive to the Course or how many we have playing but on this day we were to have a late start and somehow it seems the day turned out with different highlights.

Of course many of the highlights concerned the monkeys, as those who play this Course regularly know that at the present time the place is teeming with the things, but not only were the monkeys performing but so were the dogs and the Monitor Lizard, some not good for their own good,

So we got to the Course for our 12 O’clock Tee off and aware that it is really cold later, some took jackets and sweaters with them to ward off the cold, fortunately not needed on the day. As we neared the first green we noticed the monkeys gathering and I told the story about this being the only Course where I liked the fact that Mashi fed the dogs as they followed us and kept the monkeys away. This was to prove prophetic despite no Mashi.

From the first tee the monkeys were a problem, it seems they are getting less scared of the Golfers and we began to batten the hatches down at nearly every hole leaving a caddy with the carts. Usually you can outrun them after a few holes but not on this day, they were all around, including many big males, and constantly had a go towards the carts.

Meanwhile the group progressed and the wind seemed to slowly rise. The fairways were a bit sparse but the greens were in really good condition. This is a Course where you have to earn your scores and as we went around it was obvious that the scores on the day were not to be as high as they were last week. You would have to earn your points.

As our group continued and we got onto the back nine, we picked up a few dogs that started to follow us. No problem as although they seemed to help with the monkeys but there were so many it was a temporary relief, still we battled on. Then all hell seemed to let loose as the monkeys started to scream a warning and the dogs attacked the monkeys. There were monkeys and dogs flying all over and two of the dogs chased one of the monkeys up a tree just in front of us. I think the dogs got a few bites in but they cannot climb trees. For a few moments it was exciting, but surely it could not continue!!,

Well we battled on and being on the 16th green I parked my cart and walked towards the greens only to be shouted at by the rest on the green, the monkeys were in my cart, it is reckoned this is the fastest the players had seen a septuagenarian run as my distance finder was in the front. Happy days it was still there.

So hole over we trundled towards the 17th tee and one of the caddies made the mistake of getting an apple out, immediately the carts were surrounded by a lot of monkeys running alongside the carts and trying to get at the apples. When we stopped the caddies chased away all the monkeys, but low and behold there on the tee was a Monitor Lizard. Not a massive one but maybe 4 foot or so, so quite big. So we all gathered to look at it and it started to amble toward the water, Then two of the bigger dogs arrived and attacked it as it ran towards the water to escape and it reared back at bay to take a chunk at the dogs. One of the dogs got a hold of the Lizard and threw it up the air, and the caddies bravely dashed toward the dogs shouting at the dogs and the Monitor Lizard took the chance to break away and reach the water.

So, reminding all this is a very mature Course , this is still the most exciting nature walk I have taken since I visited The Kruger Game Park and the most interesting I have seen in all the years I have been playing Golf here.

So we got back to BJ’s really late and got on with the presentation as soon as possible.

In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Andre Van Dyk with 41 points by far the best of the day. In second was Takeshi Hakozaki with 37 points with John Davis third with 34 points and in a countback on 33 points Walter Baechli was fourth ahead of Landis Brooks.
In the B Flight the winner was Dave Cooper with 36 points ahead of a countback on 34 points that saw Tom McDowell in second and Derek Brook in third. We then had a countback on 31 points that saw Don Carmody in fourth ahead of Dick Warberg and Torsten Bischoff.

We were then treated to a couple of beers by Torsten Bischoff who was returning home within the next couple of days and had really enjoyed himself. Thanks Torsten and see you in November. A really fine day and cold beers what more can one desire. No Comments. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin AVD (2) Brian Gabe Tom Herrington
Long Put Don Carmody John Davis

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