Tropical Golf 25/11

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday, November 25, Plutaluang (Navy) N & W – St

Dick and Andre Sail Home at Navy!

Its been a while since the Tropical Golfers played the Navy course (too hard to type or even pronounce Plutaluang) so this Friday the gang decided to give it a visit.  Twenty one golfers made what they thought would be a relatively quick trip South, but some folks got caught in heavy traffic on the way.  It didn’t matter as the course was quite busy and things were running a little late.

The Tropical Golfers were scheduled to play the South and East course, so naturally we ended up playing North and West.  Credit goes to the staff at Navy for helping us out as the South/East courses were all backed up, so we gratefully accepted the change.  So we’d be playing the Lighthouse hold after all!  Course condition at Navy was pretty good, and the greens especially were in fine shape considering all they play they get.  Its a tough and long layout, but still enough golfers were up to the challenge to post good scores.

A-Flight (0-19):  Andre Van Dyk (c/h 15) continued his winning ways with the best score of the day, earning 37 points on a tough course.  Tom Herrington (18) followed just behind with 36 points, and then Brian Parish (15) with 35.  Good scores guys!

B-Flight (20+):  Dick Warberg (20) is back in top form and carded an excellent 36 points.  Next Mike O’Brien (21) turned in 33 points, and Mick Coghlan (27) was happy to hear his name with 32 points.

Near pins:  Mike O’Brien (2) Brian Parish, Dave Nicholson

Best front nine:  Dave Nicholson (18)

Best back nine:  Mashi Kaneta (17)

Sunday golf!  The Tropical Golfers now offer Sunday golf.  Competition is optional, and the emphasis will be on more

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