Tropical Golf 25/03

Friday, March 25, 2016, Crystal Bay – Medal

Mashi and Paul Win Big

It was again Double Witching Day at Tropical Golf, with the Golfer of the Month and the Monthly Mug on the line.  Several golfers had a chance to win GOM, and everyone had a chance at the beautiful Monthly Mug, so the anxiety level was high.  Mashi Kanata had the clear lead going into this final round, but he would need to maintain composure as others were within striking distance!

Considering the weather and water shortage, Crystal Bay is in very good condition.  Unlike a couple recent outings, there was actually green grass under the ball most times.  We played the C then B course.  There were other groups out that day but with 27 holes things were spread out nicely.

What an interesting, nervous, and most important – fun day it was.  There was a lot to play for, and a good round can be ruined by just one hole, so stay focused and don’t take crazy chances.  In the end it was close for all the prizes, and after much calculation and count-back, the winners’ names were finally released.

The big prize of the day was BJ’s Holiday Lodge sponsored Golfer of the Month!  Even though Mashi Kaneta didn’t have his best round, his lead was enough to hold of some serious challengers.  Congrats to Mashi, and check out those prizes!  The Pattaya Sports Club has some great logo bags and umbrellas for sale, so check it out.  Thanks to Bill, Lek, and BJ’s for the support.

Lest we forget, there was another highly coveted prize on the line, and that was the Monthly Mug, and what a great mug it is!  Winning the Monthly Mug was big Paul Weatherley!  To make it even better, Paul won just a day before heading home, so it was a great way to go home on top and in style.  The beer tastes just a little better from that mug, right Paul?  Paul also would win “most improved” if we had one.  Maybe a new prize idea?

Golfer of the Month:  Mashi Kaneta

Monthly Mug Winner: Paul Weatherley (hcp 18) net 68

Other winners: Mike O’Brien (23) net 68, Landis Brooks (8) net 72, Brian Parrish (11) net 73, Tom Herrington (14) net 73.

Long putts: Mick Coghlan, Ted Morris, John Davis, Landis Brooks.

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