Tropical Golf 24/8

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Friday August 24, Pattavia – St

Paul and Mashi the Big Guns of August at Pattavia

All is well for the Tropical Golfers, and this Friday we headed out to one of our favorite and regular haunts, namely Pattavia. We are rather used to the drive out there now, and when eventually Pattaya Nua is fully complete it will shave some time off the trip. A tidy fourteen golfers made the trip, and it’s a perfect grouping of two 3-balls and two 4-balls, so pace of play was excellent. Weather was perfect and the course empty, putting everyone in a hopeful mood.

What to say again about Pattavia, a scenic course in excellent condition at a fair price. If there is ever any gnashing of teeth it is always about the quite slick and sloped greens. Some pin positions seem torturous, and it’s a rare course where after the round people will proudly brag that they “only 3-putted six greens”.  Well, the not too difficult course has to defend itself, and despite comments about the “unfair” greens every time we visit, winning scores are usually on the high side.

Results:  Slick greens? Unfair? Not too long hitting Paul Sharples (c/h 18) who regularly flies in from Oman, wins the competition, and then flies out again as quickly as he comes. With a numbing 43 points Paul was The Man! Not too far back however was steady Mashi Kaneta (15) with a very impressive 41 points! These guys can hit and putt! Next Frank Xin (30) edged out Gordon Clegg (28) on count-back at the 36 point mark. Mortals sit and applaud please.

Near Pins: Don Carmody and Mick Coghlan each put together an excellent nine with 20 points.

The Tropical Golf Group, a PSC affiliated group, generally play every Tuesday and Friday, meeting at “The BJ Holiday Lodge” located just off Pattaya Beach Rd on Soi 3. Stop by and check our bulletin board located in the restaurant. All levels of golfing ability are welcome for our friendly competitions.


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