Tropical Golf 24/3

Friday, March 24, Pattana A & C – St

Bob W. and John D. Win Honors at Pattana

Another Friday, and what better way to kick off the weekend than with a fine round of golf?  Of course to many regulars every day is Friday, or one of the other six… it doesn’t matter.  With many regulars traveling or escaping the heat, we had a tidy seventeen golfers head out to Pattana, one of the best courses in the area.  This day the Tropicals left extra early to get the round started before a Charity tournament at Pattana.  Some liked the early and cooler time; others dragged themselves in at the last moment.

Pattana.  What’s not to like?  The layout is interesting; there are three nines to spread out the customers, and a clubhouse that rivals any in the area.  Sure we’d like it a little cheaper, but it is competitive and near the top of what you get for the money.  Even the Caddies are overall well trained.  Oh… did we forget to mention it’s usually in excellent condition?  It was this day also.  Pattana is not overly easy, but fair, and the nice fairways assure you can get always get a clubhead on the ball.  With one flight, the final scores had to be good.

It was a close finish, by which we mean a count-back was required.  Finally John Davis (13) edged out Bob Watson (8) at the 38 point mark.  The next two places were decided on a triple score count-back with Jerry Garcia (18) over Brian Parish (13) with 36 points, leaving Paul Weatherley (17) the job to clap and smile.  Overall it was a great day.

Near Pins: Bob Watson (2), Dave Cooper, Jerry Garcia

Long putt: John Davis

Best Nines (non-winner):  Paul Weatherley, Nigel Perry

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