Tropical Golf 24/11

Tuesday The 24th November 2015: Mountain Shadow ( Stableford) We were packed and only an overnight withdrawal of a few of our players through ill health allowed us just enough Golfers to have a good day out. The more groups we have the longer I have to wait untill all the players finish and hand their cards in. So the fewer players there are the quicker we finish and the sooner I can have a beer. But the players still turn up. Must be Dick’s charm.

So on this morning we had fine turnout that reminded us that the High Season is amongst us. The Course was in pretty good condition but the weather was hot and as it proved those in carts had a really good trip. This Course is a tough Course and to score well you have to play well. and on this day many players played well.

So hot was it that many players struggled and they were really pleased to get into a cold shower, however all the player appreciated the facilities and were soon on their way back to Pattaya.

At BJ’s the results were soon declared. In the A Flight, 0 to 18 the winner was Tony Scamber with 38 points with Bob Watson in close pursuit in second with 37 points with John Davis in third with 34 points and John Hackett in fourth with 33 points.

In the B Flight the winner was Barry Elphick with 37 points ahead of Brian Gabe with 34 points in second with Graham Buckingham in third with 31 points and Daryl Evans in fourth with 30 points on countback over Jim Ferris.

So to the biggie, The winner of the MBMG Golfer of The Month was Barry Elphick, well played Barry.

Near Pin Brian Parish Daryl Evans John Anderson Bob Watson.
Long Put Don Carmody Mashi

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