Tropical Golf 24/07

Friday, July 24, Pattaya Country Club – Stroke play

Gerd Riedler Wins Bookends

Once again it’s time for the Tropical Golf Group to head to Pattaya Country Club to try to win the coveted Monthly Mug, which takes place, hmmm, let’s see – monthly. Coming on the heels of the British Open this was our own version of the event. Instead of winning US $2 million, the winner gets a beer mug which all agrees is preferable to the claret jug, or at least more useful.

Arriving at PCC in fair weather we were able to tee off on time. It seemed the Tropical Golfers were the first of several groups waiting to go out that day, and why not? The course is in good condition and represents good value. Just wondering if any course in the area gives serious combat to the nests of biting red ants? PCC has no more (but no less) of these things, so be careful when you sit down or search for a ball in the tree line. Eighteen golfers were hopeful for the mug, but only one can win!

The winner’s name goes first, and so without further ado it was Gerd Riedler (h’cap 9) who took the trophy with a stunning net 69, and is also our first double mug winner! A big toast to Gerd! Second place went to Don Carmody (27) with a net 73 winning on count-back over Kurt “Mr. Course Management” Ebentheuer (32) who had the trophy in the bag before some very questionable decisions late in his round. Fourth place went to Alan Sullivan (12) with a net 74. For the rest there is always next month.
Near pins : Tom Herrington, Dick Warberg, Takeshi Hakozaki, Franck Martineau

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