Tropical Golf 24/04

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday, April 24, Pattaya Country Club – Medal

Brian Parish Wins Monthly Mug

It was the last Friday of the Month and the regulars at the Tropical Golf Group know that means a trip to Pattaya CC to play medal in an attempt to win the Monthly Mug.  This is the fourth mug up for grabs since contest started, and it is a coveted trophy.  What better prize than one that looks good on the shelf and also holds your favorite beverage?

Playing Pattaya CC is always a love/hate experience.  We love the short drive, the new clubhouse is great, staff is good, and the layout interesting enough.  The flip side is course condition is always a guess, seemingly moving between good to poor within a couple weeks.  This day found the course condition so-so or maybe “ha-sip ha-sip” is appropriate, with the greens as good as we’ve seen them since the recent renovation.  However by the last few holes course condition was not on anyone’s mind as a nice show of lightening followed by a downpour was the main concern.  A few groups finished in time but a couple waited out the storm to finish the last few holes.  The delay was about an hour and all came in to report scores.  So what about the mug?

It was a fight to the finish, and wouldn’t you know it ended in a tie.  When the count-back was applied Brian Parish (13) came out as the Mug Winner over Dick Warberg (19) both with a net 68.  Brian had sunk a long birdie putt on 18 capping off a fine back nine to win the prize!  Congrats to both golfers.  In third place came Mark West (13) with a net 73.  All the technicals were won by two talented golfers, and our friend JD almost had a grand slam in the near pins.

Near Pins: John Davis (3), Mashi Kaneta

Long putt: Mashi Kaneta

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