Tropical Golf 24/03

Tuesday The 24th March 2015: Phoenix ( Stableford) 

On this day we were planned to play Phoenix after what must have been an 18 month gap, and it seems like the PSC Committee and the Golf Chairman had worked hard to bring about this change in attitude. During this time it seems Phoenix had a slight problem with its Members as Phoenix sought to make changes.

So on this day we set off with a large group of golfers willing to try out Phoenix after a long absence from there. A quick book in and down to the start where we found we were to play the Mountain and Lake Nines. On the scorecard it was difficult to see The Mountain and Lake and many came to ask me where they were,  as It was faint, but we finally got to the start to find ourselves behind 3 X 3 balls. Ever tried to play behind three balls when each hole is timed on the score card. Whilst we were well inside the time allowed the 3 balls soon disappeared in the distance while despite chasing our 4 ball we fell behind. Give the Marshalls their due they were not chasing us and we did finish in about 4 hours, But I felt under pressure as we set the pace for our group.

So to the round, where I played bad for the first nine as I tried to force the pace, let us face it, some of the golfers can be slow and need a kick. It is unfortunate that of late all players seem to try to be like the golfers they see on TV and stroll around, take many swings and line their puts up from many angles, even the high handicapper.

The two nines were in reasonable condition, but we had a strong wind for most of the round. It was nice to play the Course after so long but the general consensus of the players was that it was not a bad Course to play. The fairways were in reasonable condition, the rough was difficult and the greens variable as there was some sand around.

Round over it was time to sit in the Restaurant and take in the results and partake of a bite or two. They still have the ++ philosophy so I had a large Heineken, not bad at Baht 130 but was surprised when I got the bill. It was for Baht 150.01, now that was different and sadly as Service Charge was at 10%  we all felt disinclined to leave a tip. Whilst this was going on I saw one of our groups call the Manager to complain about the size of the portions and asked if it was correct or they had made a mistake. Seems there is still a bit to do in this area.

Over all it seems like the Phoenix Management are making an effort to come back into the mainstream and we will see how it progresses, but with a ‘Sports Day’ now back on we will see how the Golfers react. For me I would like to see a new scorecard, but we cannot have everything.

Back at BJ’s it was webbed feet as Pattaya was under water and Mashi actually left his car and we paddled back the last street. Still the results are the results.In the A Flight, 0 to 21, the winner was Richard Kubicki with a fine 36 points ahead of Brian Parish in second with 34 points and then a countback on 33 points that saw John Davis in third, Simon Niven in fourth and Maurice Roberts just missing out. In the B Flight the winner was John Anderson with 34 points ahead of a countback on 32 points that saw Carole Kubicki in second and  Max Bracegirdle in third. In fourth was Dave Cooper with 31 points on countback over Rita Zoebeli.

So was the Phoenix Day a success?. Well it depends on what you expect, but it is a good Course and with the Sports Day now in you will be able to see for yourself.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin   Simon Niven   Mike O’Brien   Richard Kubicki

Long Put   Dave Cooper   Dick Warberg

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