Tropical Golf 23/06

Tuesday The 23rd June 2015: Pattana ( Stableford) It is always a pleasure to play Pattana, this is a bit of luxury with what is arguably the best Clubhouse of any Course in The Eastern Seaboard. On this morning we set off with a smile on our face knowing we were going to have a good day out.

It is a good drive up there at the moment, apart from the odd hole in the roads that Mashi goes there on, and we arrive at the imposing Clubhouse. Then the fun starts, this has to be the slowest book in of any Golf Course as copies of the PSC Card and our signatures are taken before we are allowed to go down to the really nice changing room.

However we are soon at the start where we are told we can tee off on the B1 as soon as we can. Then play the C1. Those who know B1 know this is not an easy start and if you can hit a shot down the middle you will be off to a great start, however we soon realised with the Course having had a downpour the night before, there were no carts on the Course so hit the ball near the cart paths.

The Course was not bad despite being wet, the fairway was soggy and a lot of balls plugged, the rough was as you would expect with no carts off the cart path and the greens were fine. I say that on the basis that with the Course being wet you would have expected the greens to be really slow, but in fact it just made them playable. So all in all we had a really good day out and the occasional sprinkle of rain only served to cool us down.

The Restaurant here is as one would expect. It is what I call a ++ Restaurant, however with the quality of the Clubhouse it is not surprising, nor is it surprising that most of our players were sat waiting back at BJ’s when I got there. So we were able to get on with the results.

The winner on the day was the new PSC Golf Chairman, Maurice Roberts, with a fine 39 points. In second was Nigel Perry with 38 points and in third was Landis Brooks with 36 points and in fourth was Bob Watson with 35 points. We then had a countback on 34 points that saw Mick Coghlan in fifth and AVD just missing out. So a couple of ‘Cold Un’s’ were called for. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Maurice Roberts (2) Landis Brooks Mark West


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