Tropical Golf 22/10

Thursday, October 22, Crystal Bay – St
Steve Sparkles at Crystal Bay
This week the usual Tropical Golf “Friday outing” was held on Thursday to avoid the holiday rates on Friday the 23rd. Several friendly faces we haven’t seen in a while returned to exchange stories from abroad and get caught up with the local news. Pattaya never seems to have a shortage of interesting stories to report. The target this day was Crystal Bay and, after loading up on a great breakfast, 13 golfers set out.
Crystal Bay is an underrated course. For just 1050 bt (including Caddie) to walk a course in good condition with a fair but interesting layout, it’s hard to beat and deserves more attention. Weather for the day was threatening with some rumbling in the distance. Play was rather slow due to another tournament on the course, and the last group had to deal with precipitation as they putted out on 18. So who would shine at Crystal Bay?
Two golfers broke handicap and tied for first with 37 points. Winning on count-back Steve Truelove ( 6) won the day off his single digit handicap. Good golfing Steve! Taking 2nd place honors was Tom Herrington (16). Third place was claimed by Barry Oats (21) with 34 points. Good golfing all, and welcome back to the rest.
Long putts: John Hackett (2), Barry Oats, Mick Coghlan

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