Tropical Golf 22/09

Tuesday The 22nd September 2015: Mountain Shadow ( Stableford) Well it was time for Mountain Shadow again, so we threw away all the worries of the possibility of rain and jumped into our chariots for the ride up to Mountain Shadow. Why it is always up to Mountain Shadow and down to Plutaluang I have no idea except Bangkok is always up, and away from Bangkok down. Weird innit?.

Anyway up or down we got there in quick order and were not surprised to see the Course seemed really empty. I say not surprised as the Course had phoned me a couple of times in the days leading up to our visit to ensure we were actually going, this usually means that they had to plan to ensure they had enough Caddies in for us. They did.

We were able to get to the Tee early and as there was no one else in sight we were able to get away at our own convenience. This ‘Millionaires Golf’ is pretty good really. The weather was cool at the start with a hint of rain in the air as the occasional rain drop came down, but soon away we thought the day was promising as indeed it turned out to be. We had the occasional drizzle on the way around but nothing much. Although we called lift, clean and place the ground only now and then was a problem all in all a fine walk in the park.

So with fairways good, greens hard and fast and an empty course we had a good but tiring day as it did get a bit humid. Still we battled on to finish in a fast time. On the way one of my playing partners was doing his best to have a great day, and so he did. This was the day to have a good score.

Back in the dressing room we noticed that the ceiling in the shower room appeared to be finished, I shall miss being able to say ‘No Progress’, but our ‘Old’ friends the towels were as normal. However this was a great day out concluded by a quick drink in the Restaurant and a bite to eat, then back to home base. The Course is well worth a visit.

Back at BJ’s it was soon time for the results. The winner with 42 points was Mashi Kaneta, just another day on the Course for Mashi, another fine round. In second was Graham Buckingham with 38 points and in third was John Pierrel with 37 points. In fourth was Bob Watson with 34 points, incidentally with Bob playing off Handicap 2. not a bad round. In fifth was Andre Van Dyk with 33 points. Now time for a cup of tea, Well for Mashi that is. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Sunny Dick Warberg D.B. Maurice Roberts

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