Tropical Golf 21/08

Friday, August 21, Crystal Bay – St
Gerd and Tropical Golfers Invade Crystal Bay
The Tropical Golf group had 19 golfers participate in this Friday’s competition at Crystal Bay. A few groups took the freeway route and a couple took the Sukhumvit route. Freeway won, except for one group who got lost on a “shortcut”. When will he learn? Nevertheless everyone (barely) arrived on time to tee off and, and let the competition begin!
In hot weather the golfers found Crystal Bay in good condition. Fairways are nice and greens well manicured. Crystal Bay also represents good value with just 1050 baht to walk the course. The only negative is no other course seems to have so many unmarked open holes of all sizes spread all over, so quite literally watch where you’re walking. Crystal Bay is a fun and forgiving layout, but who would win this day, the golfers or the course.
Back at BJ’s Holiday Lodge it was clear that today the golfers triumphed over the course. What a change from the usual! Unless you shot handicap or better your job was to applaud the winners. Beating the field with shots to spare, Gerd Riedler (h’cap 7) shot an impressive 41 points – a great score from a low handicap. Next came the “Battle of 37’s” with returning Doug Maiko (15) beating Barry Oats (22) and Tom Herrington (13) on count-backs. John Anderson (27) took the last congrats with 36 points over luckless Landis.
Near pins: Gerd Riedler (2), Max Scott, Landis Brooks
Long putt: Mick Coghlan

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