Tropical Golf 21/07

 Green Valley ( Stableford) I like this Course, always have and I have been playing it for a long time. It is like an old item of clothing that one’s wife wants to throw out, but you keep wearing it. We have been playing here for many a year and it is honest and a great day out.

Over the years there have ben many a change here, usually to allow the players to play from the new Clubhouse, and it is still a real walk around and it always seems windy. I remember when what is the second hole now used to be the first and we used to clump down to the start in real spikes.. With a downhill drive and the fairway lined with lemon grass it was a bit of a terror. Off line and you were in a very dodgy situation as what was in the lemon grass could be a bit nasty.

Also the 18th hole ,now a par 4, used to be a par 5 and tested you on your second shot that, if you hit a big drive, was a very testing drive over water, also the tenth that is now a par 5, stroke index 18, used to be a very tough par 4. Changes had to be made I suppose but memories are still there for the old timers. This reminiscing is quite good at some times when you realise the option is not very good and many who played with you all those years ago cannot reminisce. Sad but true.

Back to the Golf on the day and the Course was in good but wet condition. It was noted that the greens were a bit wet and slow but the rest of it, apart from being wind blown in places played really well. That was if you could keep the ball straight. The early holes played into a strong wind, but at least you got some with the wind behind in the follow on and the last hole the wind was behind. All in all a great day.

We were able to get away early and arrived back at BJ’s in plenty of time for an early result show.

In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Landis Brooks with 36 points. In second was Mashi Kaneta with 35 points and in third was Paul Sharples with 34 points. In the B Flight the winner was Frank Pilkington with 37 points ahead of George King in second with 35 points and with Dick Warberg in third with 33 points. Then some of us stayed a long time to check the quality of the food and the temperature of the beer, In fact a long time and a good night. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Paul Sharples Kurt Ebentheuer Tom Cotton Gary Bingham

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