Tropical Golf 21/04

Tuesday The 21st April 2015: Green Valley ( Stableford) 

This was a typical post Songkran morning at the golf. Very few golfers as most had left Pattaya to get away from the mayhem, as they do every year, and those that stayed and those who came back  shortly after the biggest day, turned out to get a bit of fresh air after a few soakings. No one minds a couple of days, in the smaller towns it is a very pleasant time, but 9 full days!!.

I got back from Bangkok the night before, after escaping the final three days, but that still meant I got soaked from the previous Saturday, 2 days before official Songkran, as I live on Beach road and a baht taxi is prime soaking material. Nine days this year, Still back at the golf morning it was soon away to Green Valley where I noticed the Course was also relatively empty.

So we were at the start early as usual and actually got off a few minutes early and the heat of the day was apparent. We had all been suffering from the humidity really from going to BJ’s and the comments that this was essentially the hottest day for years was quite apparent. All the golfers were dripping with perspiration and it was a pleasure to at last get under way.

Once on the way we seemed to get a bit of wind that seemed to mitigate the heat. In other words it was really hot, but sometime we got a breeze. Not too bad in a cart but the walkers really struggled. It is at this time you could really do with a Pattaya Songkran day on the Course, where are the buckets of cold water when you really need them. Oh the Course, well it was a bit dry and I would declare it as Fair.

Most of the golfers struggled back to the changing room where we found that those in charge of the facilities had taken pity on us and decided to not heat the water, So cold showers were had by all and reminded us of the good times!!. It was noticeable that some of the golfers struggled with ‘Cramp’ later in the day and all are advised to keep up the intake of water, before you feel thirsty and take care at this time.

We were back in Pattaya nice and early so could get on with the results quite quick. The winner with 37 points was Barry Elphick ahead of Graham Buckingham in second with 36 points and Dick Warberg in third with 35 points. All good scores we then had a couple of cold beers.   T.T.F.N.

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