Tropical Golf 20/10

Tuesday the 20th October 2013: Pattana ( Stableford) Well, we went to Pattana and it rained. So we came home. Mind I suppose that does not really explain it in any depth but that was really what happened. However when we were out there with the rain belting down it felt like it, and it all started out so well.

Meeting at BJ’s all looked fine, Pattaya looked fine and there seemed not much chance of rain, but then again it did not rain in Pattaya all day, so why go to Pattana and get wet, cold and miserable, it takes all sorts to make a World. After all who knew it was really fine in Pattaya and wet, cold and miserable in Pattana. It was even dry in Khao Kheow, I know as I went there on the way back. Funny place to go to on the way back but it had to be done.

Having been in bed with ‘Pattaya Flu’ for the last few days the last thing I needed was rain, and as we teed off on the C Nine all seemed well not even rain covers on the clubs and rain not seen. However by the sixth it looked ominous and the spots had started, Then it came down and we forged on until on C 8 when I had had enough and soaked to the skin made a dash for the rest stop where we met another of our groups wet and shivering. I have to say my playing partners were much braver?!! than I and were even wetter having called them back to the cover.

Then one of those little things that you always will remember, as we all froze and the rain tippled down while I tucked into a ‘Hot Mama Noodle’, one of the caddies turned up with a large warm thick towel that we could wrap around ourselves, what a fine gesture and much appreciated. It kept us warm till the rain slowed, seems at least I Hour. With the rain only falling slowly we continued on rain soaked fairways, no such thing as casual water, you hit it as it lay as all the ground was wet.

We continued against my will and plowed down the fairways while I shivered but if the rest were playing no way would I give up. Cold and miserable as I was. By about A 3, we played C & A in that order, the rain did start to slow and by A 5 the sun was out and we managed to finished the round wet but at least we finished. The other players told me they were also about to pack in but somehow just kept going, however at least one third of our player packed in and we knew the scores would be bad.

I wanted to visit Khao Kheow so after a warm shower Nigel and I set off, leaving Dick to collect the cards in, few as they were and wet and soggy at that. Meanwhile how to get to Khao Kheow, well from Pattana, down the ‘Bouncy Road’ and then under route 7 to U Turn,seemed a good way. Boy was I mistaken. I have never been amongst so many trucks end to end and in a ‘Spaghetti Junction’ with no way out and seemingly no signs. A drive from Hell. No way to describe it really, so let us forget it and never go there again.

On the way back from Khao Kheow we got a call from Dick saying most of the players had gone home, and by the way I had won and Nigel had come second, so that tells you how bad the day had been.

So the winner on the day was Derek Brook with 32 points, by a street, form Nigel Perry in second with 28 points and John Pierrel in third with 26 points. I think it is enough said, but suffice to say I slept really well. T.T.F.N.

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