Tropical Golf 20/01

Tuesday The 20th January 2015: Greenwood ( Stableford) Once again a full list met at BJ’s for the trip to Greenwood. So brekkers over off we went. This full list is getting quite common so it was interesting on this day that one player got locked out of his house and was very late and one could not play because of illness. Not really interesting but the detail makes it interesting. Wonder how he got locked out!!!..

So we arrived at Greenwood still with a full list as one less player allowed us to play in fourballs, exactly as we booked. So all changed, it was to the first tee, where we found we were to play the B & C Nines, not in fact a bad 18 holes. The weather was quite good except for, that wind, that always seems to be around these days.

The B Nine is a quite pleasant 9 holes I always find and so it proved on this day, the fairways were in good condition and the greens were hard and fast. Of course the Wind played havoc but we moved along nicely and were around the front nine in good time.

Now the C Nine, to me. is always the most difficult nine and so it proved on this day. Teeing off on C1 we were straight into a strong wind and this always seems to set the day on this nine. And so it proved on this day for me, as a struggle against the wind on C1 proved a start to a difficult nine holes. Mind the greens were still in fine condition and the fairways were well defined and in good condition. All in all this Course is a pleasure to play even if it is the one that is the most distant that we play regularly and even if the road there can be in dreadful condition.

We got around quite fast, but with many groups and the distance of the Course from Pattaya we were still a little late with the results back at BJ’s.

So in the A Flight, 0 to 19, the winner was Richard Kubicki with 36 points just ahead of a countback on 35 points that saw Mashi Kaneta in second and Brian Parish in third. We then had a four way countback on 34 points that saw Dick Warberg in fourth ahead of Mark West, Eddie Kost and Gerd Riedlar.

In the B Flight the winner was Tom McDowell with the best score of the day 37 points ahead of Don Carmody in second with 36 points. In third was Gordon Clegg with 34 points ahead of a countback on 33 points that saw Barry Elphick in fourth and Torsten Bischoff losing out.

The nights here at BJ’s are quite pleasant with well priced food and the tables placed so all can talk. Maybe why we are getting so many players these day. T.T.F.N.

Near Pins John Davis Simone Meitzel Eddie Kost Keiche Kasame
Long Put Mashi Kaneta Torsten Bischoff

Winners with one of BJ’s finest

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