Tropical Golf

Friday, May 08, Crystal Bay – ST

Mick Coghlan Dominates at Crystal Bay

This Friday the ever faithful gathered at BJ’s Lodge for some fine grub, brew, and a check of the day’s agenda. Today Crystal Bay was on the rotation. There was some hope that being close to the water might make the day a little cooler, or at least spare us the rain that is common farther inland this time of year. After filling up the golfers and the cars, 18 hopefuls made the trip.
Crystal Bay is in fine condition, especially when considering the price. Just 1050 B to walk including caddie for PSC members. Fairways were pretty good and the greens fine, though strangely most greens have two kinds of grass though it doesn’t affect putting. The weather to start was oppressively hot, but then clouds rolled in, lots of thunder and distant lightening, and then – nothing! The golf course stayed dry and the day turned mercifully cooler.

As scores rolled in it was apparent that something special was happening. A full 8 out of 18 golfers beat their handicap, many significantly. In fourth place Ted Morris (14) won on count-back with 38 points. Pity Mark West and Dave Nicholson ,who also got 38 points, left empty handed. Tom McDowell (21) edged those out with 39 points. Then Mike O’Brien (19) scored an impressive 40 points. That should be enough for an easy win, right? Not even close.

The day belonged to Mick Coghlan (23) with a near lifetime best round of a massive 45 points! Rumors that his handicap will change from 23 to 2.3 are unconfirmed. What an amazing day and big congratulations to Mick!

Near pins: Graham Buckingham, Barry Elphick, Brian Parish

Very long putt: Barry Elphick

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