Tropical Golf 19/06

Friday, June 19, Crystal Bay (C & A) ST

Steve Truelove in Crystal Form

This US Open Friday, the Tropical Golf group was at Crystal Bay rather than Chambers Bay, which explained the lack of cameras and spectators. Still, for the members playing this day there was no golf tournament more important, and with grit, determination and a coffee buzz, we set off for the day’s venue.

The weather this day was hot (naturally) but not so skin blistering as recent weeks. We hope the worst is over for another year, but probably not. Playing the C & A courses (why is it always in that order?) the consensus was the greens are in pretty good condition, and the patchwork of different grasses is merging nicely. The fairways are a different matter; some areas were nice, while many others were hardpan or dead grass. Some spot watering would make a huge difference here. However when one figures in the price of just over 1000 Baht to walk, including caddy, it ranks as excellent value. Crystal Bay is a fair test, and there are usually good scores here. Such was the case today and anyone not playing to their handicap was an observer come awards time.

Taking first place with an impressive 40 points off his low handicap was Steve Truelove (8). Great golf by any measurement! Second place went to Gerd Riedler (9) winning on count-back over Tom Herrington (16) each with 38 points. Not too shabby. Barry Elphick (22), recently a regular on the podium, took fourth place honors on count-back over Alan Sullivan at 36 points. Pity Mike O’Brien and Landis Brooks who also had fine 36 point rounds and left empty handed.

Near pins: Gerd Riedler, Landis Brooks, Steve Truelove, Alan Sullivan
Note: The Tropical Golf Group generally plays every Tuesday and Friday, meeting at The BJ Holiday Lodge located just off Beach Rd. on Soi 3 for a 0830 departure. Complementary coffee and tea is provided and a “Golfer’s” breakfast is available from 0700. All golfers are welcome so if interested, stop by, check the bulletin board and put you name down.

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