Tropical Golf 19/02

Friday, Feb 19, 2016, Silky Oak – St

Paul Weatherley and Mashi Smooth at Silky Oak

The Tropical Golfers decided to treat themselves to a round at Silky Oak this Friday, and why not? We’re worth it! A nice size group of 22 golfers decided to give this interesting course a try, and with hopes of no washout like the previous Tuesday, the cars were loaded and off we went.
Silky Oak is a course that doesn’t play too hard, but makes up for it with intimidation. Several forced water carries off the tee mess with player’s minds, and most cruelly the first hole is the worst of the bunch, some par 3 holes are blind shots, and the course is a bit hilly with some highly elevated greens. The course was in its usual good condition. Its also a popular course and this day play was slower than preferred, but at least the weather cooperated.
Back at BJ’s Lodge the scoring came in at close to handicap for the winners, with one player blasting through that!
A-Flight (0-18): Mashi Kaneta (h’cap 16) is back from a recent medical leave and announced his return to the world by winning A-flight with an excellent 36 points. Welcome back Mashi! Runner-up Brian Gabe (17) was close with 35 points, followed by visiting Paul Kirkland (5) with 34. Way to go!
B-Flight (19+): Dominating Silky Oak and all the rest of the players, big Paul Weatherly (21) earned a jaw dropping 40 points, besting the rest of his flight by five shots! Good playing Paul, and those lessons have already been paid for, its all profit now. The next two spots went to countback with Dick Warberg (19) over Dr. Tom McDowell (19) each with a fine 35 points.
Near pins: Tom Herrington, Paul Weatherly (2), Landis Brooks
Long putt: John Davis
Former PSC Golf Chairman is now recuperating at home, and we wish him all the best for a speedy recovery. We’re thinking of you Mark!

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