Tropical Golf 18/7

Tuesday July 18, Bangpakong – St

Barry E. Dominates at Bangpakong!

Twas a fine day in July and the Tropical Golfers were heading to Bangpakong. Yes, a longer drive, but freeway close so not a lot of bumpy roads and dog dodging to do.  A good brekky at BJ’s Lodge made sure both golfers and cars were fueled for the trip. We’re at the mid point for Golfer of the Month, and we’ve got a pretty close race going on.  Getting an early start fourteen Tropicals headed North.

Bangpakong – add spaces where you want as signs have various spellings – was in its usual excellent condition. Its an easy walking course, and if that wasn’t enough to make the  drive worthwhile they presented us with 100 bt of vouchers to spend on the course. It was also a rare umbrella-less day as they were needed neither for sun nor rain. Pure pleasure! After being told it was cart path only this day we invoked “lift and clean” rules, but it was rarely needed, and the fairways are so nice that doing so rarely improved your lie. Bangpakong is a scoring course and all winners beat handicap, but one player took the rest to school on that topic and his name was not Brian!

Gathering back at BJ’s Lodge it was clear no countback would be needed to crown the winner. Barry Elphick (c/h 27) was the clear leader with 42 points! Way to take advantage of the conditions Barry. Fine scoring. Next up came Graham “Buckers” Buckingham (28) with an enviable 39 points. The final calls went to Tom Herrington (17) beating Takeshi Hakozaki (12) at the 37 point mark. Remember: The only important shot is the next one.


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