Tropical Golf 18/12

Pattavia Century – St
Warberg and Pattavia Winners
Christmas is soon upon us, and we at the Tropical Golf Group wish everyone Happy Holidays! With just a couple rounds of golf to go before the Big Day its a chance for the Tropical Golfers to get out and decide what piece of equipment they hope Santa brings. Or maybe its the whole kit! The destination this day was Pattavia Century, and under (finally) a little cooler weather the hopefuls set out.
Pattavia gets it right. With a course in very good condition, quite reasonable fees (1050 to walk) and fine facilities, other courses in the area who fall back on “but we’re closer” to charge more for less are too hopeful. Its a longer drive, but the good news is much of the rough road to the course has been repaired enough to make the drive much less arduous, and even the main highway is getting a makeover. As stated, the course is in very good shape and forgiving, but where Pattavia bites back is on the slick and highly sloped greens where three (and more) putts are common. Who could navigate the tricky greens?
It was a close finish all the way down the line, but when all cards and countbacks were in Dick Warberg (hcp 21) edged out the rest with a respectable 35. Well played and congrats! The next was all countbacks at the 34 point mark. After much calculation Brian Gabe (18) came out ahead of John Davis (12) and Alan Sullivan (11) and the honest Daryl Evans who pointed out an error taking him out of the finalists.
Near pins: Tom Herrington, Daryl Evans, Brian Gabe, John Davis
Long putt: Brian Parish

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