Tropical Golf 17/11

Tuesday The 17th November 2015: Pattana ( Stableford) There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best Clubhouse on the Eastern Seaboard. There is no doubt also that this is the one with the costliest bottle of Singha and when I finished my round and showered and went upstairs to have a Shandy, for the uninitiated that is a bottle of beer and some lemonade, the price of 100 baht for a small bottle of Singha with the knowledge that ++ loomed made me think, and so it was Diet Coke.

Now this should not surprise people as this is a seriously top class building and the Restaurant is really outstanding. But the question has to be how I got there in the first place to need a cold drink so badly, and the answer was it had been a really hot day, and when you throw in the fact that no carts off the fairways meant a lot of extra walking for most of those who took carts, water did not seem enough.

The day had started out fine, early morning in BJ’s with a large number of the golfers arriving early to sample the breakfast, then into cars for the trip up. That used to be quite a nice trip, but those who drive around the place nowadays know the deterioration of the roads is continuing.

Arriving at the Course we were pleased to find a speed up in the check in, although not as fast as at some Courses it has to be said, it is vastly improved, and soon we were into the changing room and onto the C Nine as we were playing C & A in that order.

When it is hot and the Course is wet you can guess whet happens, those of us with carts skipped back and forth to them and got hot and bothered, while those who walked at first bimbled on but as the round progressed they all got hot and bothered. The longer it went the hotter the walkers got until by the finish everyone was drained. Only thing was those who walked saved money and those with carts got a sit down on the way around. Was the time walking was the only way but Father Time always wins.

The Course as said was wet, in fact very soggy, but the greens were in fine condition so putting was a pleasure, unless you missed. Let me say that this is a fine enjoyable Course and with the add on of a very pleasant staff and quite excellent facilities a pleasure to visit. However do not buy a Singha.

Most of our players managed with the cheaper option of a cup of coffee or a soft drink outside the changing room, or stopped at one of the rest stops on the Course where items are a little less costly. Then home. Suffice to say Mashi drove back very carefully over the pot holes but I had to have a word with him once or twice when he woke me up.

Soon into the results it was seen there was a massive difference between the A Flight, 0 to 20, and the B Flight, and it seems on a very wet Course a good golfer plays better than a not so good one. So.

In the A Flight the winner was Brian Parish with 37 points and then a countback on 36 points that saw Maurice Roberts in second and John Davis in third. So now we have the B Flight who did not play nearly as well, but as they say you only have to play well enough to win, The winner with 31 points was Barry Elphick with Mick Coghlan in second with 30 points and Don Carmody in third with 29 points. And there we end a fine day out. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Bill McGarvie Maurice Roberts Brian Parish John Davis
Long Put AVD Maurice Roberts

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