Tropical Golf 17/07

Friday, July 17, Bangpra – St
Landis and Barry Conquor at Bangpra
The Tropical Golf group had a couple of treats this Friday. The first was we were playing Bangpra – high on the list of favorite courses for most golfers. The second treat was that it was fairly cloudy and cool most of the round but no threat of rain. Who could ask for better than a great course in good weather? So off 24 golfers went in search of glory.
Bangpra is a course usually in good condition, and it didn’t disappoint this day. Fairways and greens were well tended. The interesting layout makes sure this course is not a grip it and rip it strategy, and anyone without some pre-shot thinking better be just plain lucky to have their name called after the round. With 23 golfers we had two flights plus a bevy of technicals, and everyone was curious who would take advantage?
A-Flight (0-14)
1) Landis Brooks (9) 37 pts.; 2) Bill Steinmann (13) 36 pts.; 3) Alan Sullivan (12) 35 pts.
B-flight (15+)
Barry Oats (23) 37 pts.; 2) Graham Buckingham (22) 33 pts.; 3) Kenny Chung (24) 29 pts.
Near pins: Don Carmody, John Pierrel (2), Barry Oats
Long putts: Brian Parish, Paul Sharples
Congratulation to everyone, and see you next time!

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