Tropical Golf 16/10

Pattavia – St
John and Dave Shine at Pattavia
Greetings golfers and wanna-be’s. The agenda this Friday called for the Tropical Golfers to head out to Pattavia. With good weather and no chance of rain (at least during golfing hours) 21 hackers and masters set out. Also joining us this morning were some first time guests, and all were welcome.
Pattavia is a longer drive than most, but is it worth it? The answer is a resounding “Yes”, especially if you go during one of the discount days.

The course is in excellent condition and well manicured. That doesn’t mean Pattavia is easy or even always fun for some. The greens are slick and highly sloped. If your ball isn’t below the hole on approach, it soon will be after the first putt! The clubhouse is an excellent place to sit and watch other groups finish the 18th hole. So who won?
A-Flight (0-15): Visitor Dave Stockman (hcp 10) must have been good on the greens as he finished with an amazing 42 points. Congrats! Steady Ted Morris (15) came in second with a fine 37 points, followed by Maurice Roberts (12) with 35.
B-Flight (16+): John Davis (16) again showed his winning form with an impressive 39 points, followed by John Knight (28) with 33, and a surprised Barry Elphick had his name called with 29 points. Congrats to all.
Near pins: Mashi Kaneta, Daryl Evans, Maurice Roberts, John Pierrel
Long putt: Dick Warberg

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