Tropical Golf 16/06

Tuesday The 16th June 2015: Green Valley ( Stableford)   We usually have great difficulty booking Green Valley at the time we want it, mid morning, and for many years we did not go to this Course, except the odd occasion, and later in the morning. However this year we have been lucky and so on this morning off we went at a reasonable time,


Surprisingly the drive up there was on quiet roads ant this carried on when we got there and the Course seemed very quiet. So it was easy to book in and we got to the first tee and were away on time with the way ahead seemingly quiet and no groups behind waiting for us to get away.


So away we went and as usual the wind was against us. This is one of those Courses where the wind always seems to be against, but as we walked to the start we noticed it was wet, Yes it was raining and the caddies had the covers on the bags right from the start. So not only was it windy it was spitting with rain all the way around, But the good thing was the drizzle, although constant, kept the temperature down. Mind we were not allowed to take the carts on the fairways, but all in all it was a fine day to play golf on.


The Course was in quite good condition and I think the rain did not do it any harm. It was wet in places but the fairway needed a bit of rain and it did not seem to do too much harm to the greens that seemed to behave themselves. All in all it was a great day out and a fine walk in the park.


Back at BJ’s nice and early we were able to get into the results early and if you did not break your handicap you did not have a great round. So to the results. The winner with a fine 39 points was Brian Parish ahead of Walter Baechli in second with 38 points, We then had a three way countback on 37 points that saw Derek Brook in third, Tom Cotton in fourth and Barry Elphick just missing out.  Then to the talk of the day and how well we really played. T.T.F.N.


Near Pin  Graham Buckingham   Koji   John Anderson


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