Tropical Golf 15/07

Brian, Andre, and Pattavia All Winners

It’s Friday in the middle of July, and we know what is on all true golfer’s minds.  The (British) Open?  Not even close.  It is the Tropical Golfer’s Friday outing!  News from far away can wait, the Tropical Golfers were assembling for the longer drive (get it?) to Pattavia.  The group was a little smaller than usual and we even had excess transportation.  Some new shortcuts have made the trip to Pattavia more reasonable, and so everyone was a bit more relaxed upon arrival.

Arriving at Pattavia we found the course empty.  Everyone secretly likes that, but it’s also puzzling as Pattavia does it right.  Fairways were in excellent shape to say the least, and greens well maintained.  The price now to walk is hard to beat for such an excellent course.  If one had to dig for a negative, several said the sand in the bunkers is of a type very difficult to get out of, but hey, it’s a hazard!  Just to remind everyone there is golf in Scotland going on, we had some rain on and off for a few holes but it didn’t stop play.  For once the heavy stuff waited until we were all safely in the clubhouse.

Back at BJ’s Holiday Lodge the scores were tabulated while others drank and feasted.  When all done it happened that Brian Parish (course h’cap 13) and Andre Van Dyk (15) shared the top at 37 points, with Brian coming out ahead on count-back.  Great back nine Brian!  In third place Takeshi Hakozake (17) finished with a quite respectable 35 points.  Well done.  NOW you can watch that “other” golf going on in Scotland.

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