Tropical Golf 15/05

Friday The 15th May 2015: Greenwood ( Stableford)  This is a Course we like going to, there is a practically unanimous ‘yes’ for keeping it on the monthly schedule. Mind it does have it’s drawbacks, and one of these is that it is the Golf Course that is the one most distant from Pattaya that we play regularly. I suppose there are a few that are played now and again that are a longer drive, but we play this Course every month.


First thing in the morning at BJ’s for a bite to eat then on the road. The traffic on this morning was quite reasonable so we made good time and were there in plenty of time. Soon booked in we were soon on the first tee and we were to play the C & B Nines in that order. C1 is always a tough start and these days the Course seems to be getting more difficult. Mind this day some did not find the Course very difficult. Indeed our first three ball was around in about 3.5 hours, and walked, good in this day and age.


The fairways were fine all the way around, and the rough was not pleasant, but that is what rough is for. Big item of discussion was the greens. Some players thought they were fine and others thought they were not up to their normal standard, I suppose it depended on how you played in some respects.


We were treated to some fine weather displays on the way around, with much thunder and the lightning displays in the distance that told us someone was getting wet. However as luck would have it, it would not be us and the rain held off. So all in all a great day out.


A quick shower, a quick bite and then back to home base before the traffic really built up . Then time for the results.


In the A Flight, 0 to 17, the winner was John Davis with 36 point ahead of a countback on 35 points that saw Mark West in second and Andrew Purdie in third. In the B Flight the winner was Graham Buckingham with the best score of the day, 42 points. Fine round. In second was Mick Coghlan with 35 points and in third was David Nicholson with 34 points. Then we stopped on for a few cold ones.  T.T.F.N.


Near Pin   Bob Watson (2)   John Costello

Long Put     Andre Van Dyk   John Davis





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