Tropical Golf 13/11

Friday, November 13, Treasure Hill – St
John Davis Lucky on Friday the 13th
It was Friday the 13th and seventeen Tropical Golfers met to see who would be lucky this day and who would fall victim to superstitions. It’s that time of year when familiar faces start showing up to catch up on the news and golf conditions. After filling up on food and beverage it was time to head to Treasure Hill.
The trip to Treasure Hill is a bid arduous with all the construction and industrial areas to go through. Is it worth it? Yes! The course is attractive and secluded, with a tricky, yet thought provoking, layout that eliminates grip it and rip it on most every hole. The course is in excellent shape, and until the end of November, a price of 1050 bt including cart and caddie! You can’t beat that with a wedge. So who would win this unlucky Friday?
Ignoring all omens John Davis (h’cap 15) had nothing but good luck and skill as he destroyed the course and competition with 40 points! This included a 130 yard approach shot to the difficult 16th hole finding its way to the bottom of the cup for birdie. Hats off to John. Landis Brooks (9) came close with an excellent 38 points on this difficult course, followed by Brian Parish (13) with a fine 36, and Brian Gabe (18) with 33.
Near Pins: Landis Brooks, Daryl Evans, Dick Warberg, Bob Watson
Long Putt: Don Carmody

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