Tropical Golf 13/10

 Bangpra ( Stableford) If you haven’t been to Bangpra and had the ‘pleasure’ of evading the monkeys and enjoying the mature scenery you do not know what you are missing. They even have big lizards here, when I say big I mean at least 5 or 6 foot, it can get exciting at times.

On this day the monkeys were out and quite aggressive, one of them even challenger Mashi for his sandwich, which reminded me of the time one of them stole Mashi’s sandwich, threw the meat away and ate the bread. On this day Mashi managed to save his food. Mind he usually brings scraps for the dogs and the dogs usually keep the monkeys away. Smart cookie is our Mashi.

Back to the golf, well the Course was in good condition, especially the fairways. The greens were a bit bumpy having been cored of late, but with the rain of late the walk around was good. There was no holdup and we were able to move along at a good pace, except for the odd player who spent a lot of time smelling the roses, and watching the wildlife.

Round over it was soon into cars and back to base as you never know when it rains at present.

We did get back early and it enabled us to get into the presentation nice and early. The scores were very tight and we had a three way countback for the winner on 32 points. Winning the countback was Bob Watson with John Pierrel in second and as usual losing all the countbacks was Tom Herrington in third. In fourth place was Takheshi Hakozaki with 31 points. Then time to relax. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Walter Baechli Bob Watson (2) Andre Van Dyk

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